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Iron Man

The Armored Avenger



Image Properties

Iron Man Over New York.jpg (176526 bytes) Although fairly large, this image makes a great background to your Windows Desktop.  There is even space for your icons along the left edge. 1152x864x16M
176,526 bytes
Iron Man in a Squeeze.jpg (120128 bytes) Taken from a Wizard Cover.  Notice the girder covering Iron Man's right foot....the barcode used to be there! 649x864x16M
120,128 bytes
Repulsor Rays.gif (112165 bytes) Fire those repulsor rays! 639x768x128
112,165 bytes
fim1.jpg (43087 bytes) The 'classic' armor. 482x599x16M
43,087 bytes
fim2.jpg (38042 bytes) Running into action. 431x599x16M
38,042 bytes
ironmn.jpg (29195 bytes) All charged up and ready for action.  Taken from a trading card. 341x480x16M
29,195 bytes
irnagrphc1.GIF (29056 bytes) A nice GIF image with a transparent background. 326x262x128
29,056 bytes
IronManSpeaking.jpg (27978 bytes) Iron Man with a word balloon.  Add your own words. 445x600x16M
27,978 bytes
ironman.gif (25381 bytes) Another nice GIF with a transparent background. 340x236x128
25,381 bytes
poster.jpg (16260 bytes) A fairly small image, but full of detail. 236x298x16M
16,260 bytes
imlogo.jpg (14313 bytes) An Iron Man logo. 304x205x16M
14,313 bytes
ironman_logo.gif (6287 bytes) Another, more recent, logo from the Iron Man title. 200x61x32
6,287 bytes
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